Why I Write…

“My purpose is to make my soul rhyme with my mind…”

This blog is a commitment to creation – to the beauty of all human life around us, to doing my part to join the artists and lovers of the world in moulding a better human experience. It is a medium through which I can articulate my vision of our place within this great cosmic experiment we call life, and an attempt to encapsulate its beauty in whatever ways language will allow.

This blog is dedicated to making every effort possible to describe in inert language and constricting vocabulary exactly where the boundless love within me will steer my path.

Most of all, this blog is for all the people in my life that tell me every day to keep writing. I love you all, and I’m listening.


5 thoughts on “Why I Write…

  1. So you’re in on this blogging caper too, huh? I googled Dana to find her NYT Op Ed, and instead found a pic of you outside the Wash Square arch. And also your blog. I trust there will be more to come…


    1. I am terrified to think that a search for Dana yields pictures of me frolicking through Washington Square, not to mention my blog that I haven’t updated in quite some time…YIKES. Haha, there may not be more to come for some time, I usually use it when abroad, but you never know…you never know….


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