I’m thankful for rainy days…they make tea and coffee taste incredible.

I’m thankful for all the girls who have broken my heart…they freed up space for someone better.

I’m thankful for every cut, scratch, burn, bruise and break…they taught me not to do stupid shit (or showed me that I must have had a good time).

I’m thankful for traffic jams…they always inspire me to listen to more Bob Marley.

I’m thankful for growing up poor…it taught me to appreciate more important things than money.

I’m thankful that my uncle passed away when he did…Y2K would have scared him to death anyway, and his soul went into my sisters and me and made us cooler.

I’m thankful everyone sold out and Disney bought Star Wars…George Lucas wasn’t doing it any favors and J.J. Abrams is a boss.

I’m thankful for the obnoxious, never-ending construction on the road outside my house…this is development in action and it’s allowing Kampala to grow and thrive.

I’m thankful that my phone screen broke last week and new screens still have not made their way here…the horrendous cracks are a great conversation starter.

I’m thankful for boda-boda crashes…they taught me to wear my helmet more.

I’m thankful for my violent, sociopathic father…he showed me exactly who I didn’t want to be, and I’m a more compassionate man because of it.

I’m thankful for my depression…it allows me to deeply understand other people’s pain.

I’m thankful for all the tears I’ve cried…my ability to release them is rare for my gender and I count it as a gift.

I’m thankful for the darkness…it makes the light so much brighter when it comes.