“We trust that the moon shall guide us”

I try to allow my life to be governed less by time – a human construct crafted to bring order to the chaos of life as it continues to slip by – than by the cycles of the moon. This lunar cycle seems to be particularly critical in a moment of global healing. For those that have not yet discovered the power of the moon, just wait. It will find you soon enough.

Lunar energies are consistently present in the unfolding of events, of ideas, of attitudes, and of shifts from one phase of any given chapter in life to the next. I have been blessed to spend some of the most powerful full moons on Bulago Island, a paradise in the heart of Uganda’s claim to Lake Victoria. Today marks not only a full moon, but a powerful SuperMoon, in the sign of Taurus – the sign of my birth – on the 14th, a number that has brought magic and wonder into my life since it discovered me in my teenage years.

I treated myself to a powerful meditation while watching the rising moon reflect upon Lake Victoria, and in turn reflected on my own light and how it has felt virtually muted for the past week. The light of the moon comforted me in that moment, and I was reminded not only of the power of one’s inner light to bring beauty to the world, but of the cyclical nature of the life we live in. Just as the last full moon ushered in an explosion of inspiration and clarity, this full moon has been marred by what I believe to be a colossal step backward for humankind and particularly for those in my home country. But just eight years before that, I believe America took a giant leap forward. Eight years before that, backward, and on and on. And there have been countless cycles of forward and backward movement in between.

These cycles continue whether we like them to or not, but each shift, whether positive or negative, allows opportunities for deeper reflection. And for that, I try to be grateful.

I’m still trying to make sense of this whole mess, and I am trying to make sense of what this lunar cycle means to me. An avid follower of Mystic Mamma, I found comfort in the astral insights for this SuperMoon in my birth sign, reminding us to reconnect with our own set of values and what matters to us, to not dwell in the past or fear the future, but to celebrate this holy moment of which we are all a part. This moon also reminds us to re-ground in Mother Earth, and opportunity regularly afforded to me in this pocket of the world, the birthplace of humankind and constant reminder of the beauty and resilience of humanity in the face of adversity. I am blessed for this island paradise and my regular access to its unfathomable energy. I am blessed for the love I have found here, the love I have shared.

To be honest, I have no idea what is about to happen. I have no idea how to pull myself out of this anger, this fear, this feeling that borders on hate…

And here, as I write this with my music shuffling through on random, on comes Nahko’s Manifesto, here to remind me of words I believe we could all use right now:

Well this is real talk.
This is non-stop.
It is looped now tongue and mind.
Played off the sidewalk, straight to your boombox.
How it travels from ear to memory.
Well this is medicine.
There’s a message within,
and each will find it in their own time.

Well this is music.
This is how I use it.
It makes you move and move with movement.
This is how I focus, knowing it’s not hopeless;
but it sure starts with me and ends on a whole note.
Musical medicine, this is my healing,
for past and present future things to come.

I see people stressin’,
over space and possessions.
Out of fear and a need for visual aids of our abundance.
Give me examples, or something tangible;
something I can get my hands on and find real meaning.
Where is the medicine?
Well I’ve been searching,
and I suppose each will find their own kind.

Well everything’s at stake.
It makes it hard to concentrate.
And there are men who see a war and see a paycheck.
Such different programming, to live so fearfully.
Terror this and terror that, terrible reality.
There is no medicine on the television,
so turn it off and turn yourself around.

And let’s just face it.
The world’s fuckin’ racist
Even the most peaceful of us gets caught in the trend.
To live cohesively is almost a fantasy,
and we ought to know it starts with humbling our egos.
What is the medicine?
For cultural woundin’,
has it’s moments, has it’s melodies, has it’s time.

Well I was listening to the outgoing seasons.
About climate change and some of the reasons.
When the sky opened, like I been hopin’;
and there came horses by the thousands
And there was thunder on their tongues.
And lightning on their minds.
And they were singing this old melody from some other time:

They sang don’t waste your hate.
Rather, gather and create.
Be of service.
Be a sensible person.
Use your words and don’t be nervous.
You can do this, you’ve got purpose.
Find your medicine and use it.”