Why I love the science section in Google News

This morning I woke up and checked the day’s headlines on my Google News feed. Here’s what I saw:

“Suspect in custody after Planned Parenthood shooting”
“3 killed in rocket attack on UN base in Northern Mali”
“Reputed Lansing gang member charged in slaying of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee” and
“What Trump supporters think about race and religion”

That last one just can’t be good…

It has become trite at this point to comment on the sorry state of modern media which parade atrocities and tragedies in a never-ending 24-hour cycle. “If it bleeds it leads” as the saying goes. I read these pieces to stay informed about the world around me, but there’s another section on my Google News feed that I tend to prefer. It’s a magical section, full of wonder and possibility…

The ‘Science’ section!

While ‘Top Stories’ would make one believe that the world is falling apart at the seams, every single day, without fail, the science tab on my news feed instead boasts stories of hope, innovation, discovery, and reaffirms the notion that anything is possible in this world. Today:

Bill Gates expected to create billion-dollar fund for clean energy
Two NASA astronauts celebrate Thanksgiving in space
Scientists just caught a black hole swallowing a star…and burping a bit
Cobwebs hold genetic secrets about spiders and their prey
Engineers create Walk-Man droid that moves and behaves like a human

Cue dropped-jaws here!

These are headlines that speak to progress! To promise! To the unyielding, dynamic spirit of human discovery! And they’re just a click away!

Anyone who doesn’t find these headlines to be fascinating and cool is probably a robot, and if they are a robot reading headlines, that deserves to be at the top of the Science section of Google News, if not Top Stories.


I feel like there is a recent surge in inspiring youth to pursue interests and careers in science and engineering to help innovate the next  breakthroughs that will help propel humankind to new heights. From the striking popularity of Seth MacFarlane and Neil deGrasse Tyson’s take on Carl Sagan’s Cosmos, to Disney pushing an incredible message of hope for the future in its recent film Tomorrowland, children everywhere are being shown a whole new world of possibilities, and I hope that the trend of inspiration continues.

I find it important to stay informed, but I find it equally important to remain informed of the breakthroughs that our species is making every single day. We should honor and pay respect to all the brilliant minds out there, the ones who make headlines through hard-work and creativity rather than through violence and exploitation.

Next time you check your news feed, treat yourself to some Science. Every day, you’ll be amazed at what we are capable of.

***Also from today’s Science news feed…apparently space is now ripe for colonization…let’s hope there’s no indigenous populations close by, we’ll probably enslave or kill them all. Womp womp.