Following up on Judgment

My experiment was unsuccessful.

A day without passing judgment on anyone around me or anyone who may occupy my thoughts was thwarted by the need to judge a group of three young American men who unloaded their $3000 boat at NRE then berated a Boda driver for charging them 5000 shillings instead of 4000 for the 5000 shilling Boda ride to town.

It was thwarted by wanting to scream at the white woman who scolded the Ugandan staff behind the bar when they were delayed by a moment in delivering her food.

It was thwarted when I overheard some people watching an episode of Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and at the mention of homosexuality my mind turned to the close-mindedness with which homosexuality is met in so many parts of the world.

It was thwarted when someone close to me lied to my face and I couldn’t help but think of them as a dishonest and deceitful human being.

It was thwarted when I wrote another blog about so many men’s inability to view women as equals.

It was thwarted when I assessed James Franco’s performance in The Interview as overreaching and underperforming.

I judge. We all do. If anyone is able to go a day without it I would love to hear your story. Is it possible to live in a world without judging others? Whether it’s for a “good reason” or not. Who are we to judge?