A Picture is Worth A Thousand Megabytes of my Limited Data…

Since I don’t normally post pictures on Facebook, for a variety of reasons, I thought I would throw a little photo-blog post together so the family can check out what my life has looked like over the past month or so. Like I always say, “pictures don’t do it justice,” but it’s better than sitting here writing about everything. I’m only one man.


Viola and I worked around the clock for a few weeks on this bad boy – our proposal for TASO’s Institutional Review Committee to get national approval for our research plan


  Little bro Musa, looking cool as always.


Allison, doing a disappearing act in the SOUL front yard.


Demon Bugs. Spotted in my kitchen.


Making optimal use of drying space while the rainy season does its thing outside.


New friends…much more enjoyable than the rats and ants I’ve been battling.


IMG_8316 IMG_8330 IMG_8342


Images from the UDHA-led outreach event to Serinyabi Island in Lake Victoria. Two teams of GHC Fellows and friends headed out to 2 islands over 2 days, lobbying the local government with petitions and demonstrations to improve (read: create) health care outreach services on these hard-to-reach islands. Props to Heather and Sam for organizing!


My friend Brooke returned from the USA where she went on national med-school interview tour…and brought us back some long-awaited IPAs. Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA. I couldn’t stop smiling as soon as it hit my lips. MMMMM.


An image from Lacey’s time at Burning Man 2014. I post this because plans are in the works for me and a small crew to attempt the ultimate regional Burner event – AfrikaBurn – on my birthday next year. Unbelievable…more posts to come on that…


Celebrating Safa’s big 2-5 with Allison, Avery and Viola at Jinja Nile Resort!

IMG_8788 IMG_8796

Hit up the Kampala Diabetes Walk in support of Avery and the millions of other suffering from Diabetes in Uganda and all over the world.


Presenting our progress as GHC Fellows to the SOUL Foundation Board of Directors. Nailed it.

IMG_8817 IMG_8845

  IMG_8879 IMG_8886  IMG_8943

Celebrating Viola’s Birthday with good friends, good laughs, good food, and of course…a good jump…

IMG_8934…best birthday present ever.
IMG_9024 IMG_9035IMG_9027

 Beautiful family dinner, where Safa made us a personalized GHC chapti. Yum.


Surrounding myself with some great people – Safa, Viola, Phoebe, and Muganda – during SOUL’s Annual General Meeting.


Maro showed up at the last minute to finish the AGM off with a bang. And dance with Allison.


Saying goodbye to our favorite volunteer, Avery!


Guess who won the contest for designing SOUL’s new t-shirt? Sierra Cameron! This design will grace the back of SOUL’s new t-shirts coming out soon!

IMG_7890 IMG_7889

Painting the latrine at a new partner school in Iganga District with SOUL staff

IMG_7868 IMG_7833

I really started embracing the Amish side. New hats, new hobbies.


Cha-party with Allison. Standard awesomeness at every meal.


Standing with the sweet, wonderful Maama Naafa. She has been sick for some time, but we snagged some great photos with her on a better day. Our hearts and thoughts are with her daily.


Did I mention this beautiful face is coming to see me in December?

IMG_7720 IMG_7719 IMG_7700 IMG_7694

Epic hike in Mbale with GHC fam!


Just more great times with great people.

I’m sure someday soon I’ll write more about each of these moments. But probably not. Just enjoy the pretty pictures.