Educate, Empower, Evolve

Dream, create, reflect, repeat. This is the path to the newest stage of human evolution. Our species has moved beyond the paradigm of evolution as survival of the most well-adapted physical and behavioral traits, and has effectively opened up more cerebral capacity than any other species on earth (even if dolphins use a greater percentage). With this has arisen not only intelligent thought and concomitant verbal discourse, but an abundance of individual and independent free will and an endless sea of unique thought patterns and perspectives on the world.

It is interesting to think that perhaps we as human beings only have as much free will as the survival of our species will allow. In order to maintain in symbiosis and equilibrium with our environment, one could conclude that all of mankind had been unconsciously communicating on a species wide level, allowing acts of predation and violence continue unabated because without those acts, there would be too many of us to be sustained by the resources available to us.

Though at the same time, one could argue that by passing along the constantly unfolding wealth of knowledge coming out of the deepest recesses of humankind’s creativity and ingenuity, we are facilitating an opposing and adaptive trait of understanding more about the world around us in order to continue to thrive in it in spite of those destructive acts occurring all around us.

And then I find myself thinking about a slogan that SOUL Foundation has been utilizing: Educate, Empower, Evolve. I initially took issue with this mantra because it sounded to me too much like an imposition of moral grounding that demands all people receive what humankind has agreed is a “human right,” however you may define or interpret it. Though I now view these words to describe a self-ascribed pursuit of ones higher Self.

Through education, we learn to listen, learn to engage, learn to reflect, learn to learn, learn to teach. We begin to the see possibilities the world has to offer. We can then actively choose to let the knowledge fill us, consume us, drive us, and ultimately empower us to move forward. As individuals, and as parts of an ever-connected whole. We let this knowledge empower us to unlock doors we never knew existed to us. And the more of those doors we walk through, the more we facilitate our own evolution.

We evolve into our Higher Self. A collective existence. A universal network of minds, hearts and souls that continues to challenge itself and challenge all who have ever lived, or ever could. We break through to the infinite possibilities of the spirit and the mind.

Educate. Empower. Evolve.

I am proud, honored and blessed to be part of a larger movement, a collective effort, to break down the barriers to the knowledge that belongs to each and every one of us. Every mind, every spirit, every being, is unique, and can create with that knowledge in ways that no one else on earth ever could.

Supporting education and the spread of knowledge is an affirmation to the possibilities of this world. We educate so we can empower ourselves to rise to a new perpetuating cycle, one where we dream, create, reflect, repeat.


Also, big kudos to the lovely Sierra Cameron for the (prototype) design shown here, which was selected to soon be featured on the back of SOUL’s new T-shirts!