Alas, poor Novelty! I knew him…

You drip sleepily into the day-to-day. Slow pace of work. Roadblocks. Time differences. Rain delays. Cancelled meeting after cancelled meeting. Motivation to make the most of every single moment finds itself staggering to bed early each night leaving you to your own devices. A calm energy fills the air here, at odds with some inevitable inner-turmoil. This new home seems frozen in time – resting in one ongoing, lingering moment. Truth echoes upon the surface of life wherever you look, it’s up to you to discern whether it’s a truth you’re willing to accept.

Every scrap of life has changed. There are common linkages, but not all desirable. There are common visions, but not all achievable. Meanwhile the uncommon transcends into normalcy, and life flips upside down. You hold on, blood rushing to your head, letting the peace take over you. Eyes closed. Focusing on breath.



And the breeze breathes right with you. It drifts through the open windows, ruffles the pages of that book you keep meaning to read, tugs at the bowing edge of the poster you hung up to make this new space feel like a familiar one, returns your focus to a distant memory when the desert sand massaged your bare skin and made you feel alive in a way you never quite experienced before.

But it expedites delivery of a fresh, novel air. You breathe deeply. Feeling chakra stack on top of chakra. Though wavering like Jenga blocks as each seems somehow removed at a different point in time, the alignment is still there. You can feel it pulsing through you. You can feel it holding you together.

Still, with that very breeze, your mind drifts elsewhere. You wish you were at Burning Man right now. Or some transformational festival in the Great Southwest. The desert calls to you. Your tribe, your home. Your family. Those embraces of love and affection. Those blistering exhalations from pounding your feet into the ground to a pulsating beat. Those clothes you could wear, or not wear, or give to someone who wanted them without risk of fostering dependency on handouts. The all-encompassing wholeness you felt when in the arms of someone you had to leave behind. The beauty you felt in never knowing where you were going or if you should go at all.

Adjustment. Adaptation. Assimilation. Immersion. Being present.

Being here.

Being here.


The novelty continues to peel off like a sunburn painted on by that one beautiful day when you basked in the glory of God.

Important to remember, always, that beneath the surface, there is that ineffable truth. THE truth. The one you have been waiting for. Not searching for, because you know that you only ever found anything once you stopped looking for it. That truth is here in front of you. You just have to believe it.

And make it your own.